Society & Environment

ZVEI Code of Conduct – Companies stand by their social responsibility

Social responsibility is a matter of high importance for the Electrical Industry. This is expressed by increasing demands for the evidence of corporate responsibility.

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ZVEI Green Paper on the Digitisation of Health Management

ZVEI Greenpaper is intended to stimulate an open discussion on coming changes and to create a platform for the successful digitisation of health management.

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Smart Home and Smart Building

Smart Home describes the digitisation and cross-linking in private homes, smart building describes the automation and central control of the technology in functional buildings.

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Energy efficiency

The ZVEI is convinced that the improvement of energy efficiency must be understood as a central component of the energy transition. Only in this way can the desired high proportion of renewable energies in electricity consumption be achieved reasonably economically.

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Area of Competence of the ZVEI

The ZVEI and its member companies are pioneers of technical progress. With a very broad and simultaneously dynamic product portfolio, the Electrical Industry affects everybody's daily life. Here you will find information about the most important topics of the association and its industry.​​​​​​​​​

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