Cyber Security at ZVEI

Mission Statement

The cross-cutting issue of cybersecurity is top priority at ZVEI: All ZVEI lead markets have established cybersecurity initiatives.

Cybersecurity, as a cross-cutting task, is vital for all future projects in Germany and Europe: industry 4.0, energy development, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, ehealth as well as smart home and living. ZVEI is pursuing three long-term goals along with its partners, such as the Alliance for Cybersecurity: establishment of a security culture in the electrical industry, industrial-suited (security) regulation and strengthening the core competence "Industrial Security" in the general public.


Automation and sustainability

The lever to a climate-friendly future lies in comprehensive electrification and digitization. On the road to a sustainable economy, the innovative automation industry has an important role to play. Digital transformation in automation provides the basis for greater resilience, flexibility and sustainability in production. In the past, the ZVEI Automation Division has shown impressive examples of how this path is to be taken. Major CO2 savings have been achieved, for example, with developments in the DC-INDUSTRIE direct current research project and the digital nameplate.

Climate-neutral society only works with standardisation

Achieving the transformation to a climate-neutral and sustainable society and economy, while maintaining prosperity, needs the responsible and consistent use of technology and innovation, as well as comprehensive electrification and digitalisation. This requires norms and standards.