Hanover Fair 2023

At Hanover Fair 2023, ZVEI will show how the electro and digital industry is shaping the transformation to an All-Electric-Society.

At the world's leading trade fair for industry, companies from the electro and digital industries will once again presenting technologies and solutions for a networked and climate-neutral industry. In numerous presentations on Industry 4.0, 5G, direct current and artificial intelligence, the ZVEI and industry companies will show how the path to an All-Electric-Society can be realised. The electro and digital industry plays a central role in the transformation of our industrial society. The industry's innovations and solutions are crucial to shaping and successfully implementing the transformation.


Joint booth with young talent area, Open DC Alliance (ODCA) and the special show Modular & Open Production (Hall 11, Stand B29)
This year, our booth in Hall 11 combines the ZVEI main stand, a separate young talent area with New Automation e.V., the Open DC Alliance (ODCA) and the Modular & Open Production special show area.

In the ZVEI area, the ZVEI-Show-Case PCF@ControlCabinet is going into the second round this year and will show how product information, using the Digital Product Passport for Industrie 4.0 (DPP4.0) based on the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), can be automated and shared across the supply chain and used in downstream processes. The information are hosted in a distributed manner and access to it can be controlled. Another demonstrator is a control cabinet consisting of several integrated products whose product carbon footprint is comprehensibly calculated based on the existing products. The ZVEI-Show-Case and the 'Digital Product Passport 4.0' will be presented at the Industry 4.0 Conference Stage in Hall 8 on the Monday of the fair at 1:30 pm.


Young talent area with partner New Automation:
In the young talent area of the ZVEI booth, vocational school students from the David Röntgen School in Neuwied will demonstrate how Industry 4.0 and digitalisation can be applied in practice in schools to generate enthusiasm for careers in technology. The Industrie4.0@School project, initiated in cooperation with the ZVEI, is the starting point for changing the school's teaching/learning concepts. In this interactive learning project, trainees demonstrate the working methods and philosophy of Industry 4.0 on a real, functioning production scenario. The exhibit exemplifies the computerisation of production technology with the aim of an intelligent factory (Smart Factory).


Special show Modular & Open Production by ZVEI, NAMUR, VDMA, Dechema and VDI
The Modular & Open Production special show will move directly into the ZVEI main booth at Hanover Fair 2023. In addition to the MTP (Module-Type-Package), the NOA concept (Namur Open Architecture) will be on show again this year, which addresses the integration of maintenance and servicing from the field level to company management. In the process industry, modular production enables more flexible, faster and more cost-efficient plants. The open and integrative approach of NOA simplifies the integration of Industry 4.0 functions into automation. The special show of Process Automation 2023 will show the current technical state of process engineering production and has its modular and open future in mind.


ODCA - Open DC Alliance 
The ZVEI working group Open DC Alliance (ODCA), founded in November 2022, will present the importance of direct current for the energy turnaround right in its premiere year at the Hanover Fair. Direct current (DC) is considered a future key technology for integrating renewable energy sources into the production process. On the main booth, directly next to the ZVEI main booth, the partners will present DC applications for industry and show why an intelligent energy supply in industry is only possible with direct current. At the Energy 4.0 Forum, current research and practical examples will be presented and an outlook for the coming years will be given. The ODCA is a seamless continuation of the DC-INDUSTRIE2 research project, which will be concluded in March 2023. A comprehensive overview of the activities can be found on the ODCA homepage at


5G-ACIA - Special exhibition "Industrial Wireless Arena + 5G Networks & Applications" (Hall 14)
The main booth of the global alliance "5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA)" is the meeting place for everyone who wants to obtain competent information and exchange ideas about Industrial 5G. Together with its partners Deutsche Messe and VDMA, the ZVEI Working Group 5G-ACIA has organised the Industrial Wireless Arena + 5G Networks & Applications, a highlight in Hall 14: A large special exhibition on the topic of Industrial 5G, accompanied by many live demos in Deutsche Messe's private 5G network, as well as a 5-day stage programme with top-class speakers. A comprehensive overview of the activities can be found on the 5G-ACIA page at


ZVEI as a partner of the Conference Stage Industrie 4.0 | Hall 8
This year, ZVEI is once again a partner of the Industrie 4.0 Conference Stage in Hall 8, along with VDMA and Plattform Industrie 4.0. The lecture programme includes exciting contributions from the field of Industrie 4.0, covering current topics and pointing the way to the future. Experts, users and decision-makers from the entire industry will report on and discuss the current trends around management shells, OPC UA, machine learning, cloud as well as edge computing and data rooms. The detailed lecture programme can be found here: Conference Stage


ZVEI as partner Energy 4.0 Forum
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ZVEI as Partner Platform Industrie 4.0
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WomenPower Career Congress
This year the WomenPower Congress is celebrating an anniversary: it is being held for the 20th time as part of the Hanover Fair this year. Under the motto "Celebrate Diversity", on April 21st everything will revolve around female leadership in the MINT sector. The successful networking and discussion event brings women and men on stage and offers a platform for diversity, equal opportunities, sustainability, career promotion and much more.

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