The upcoming European elections in June 2024 will set an important course for us as a European society and for European industry. We have significant challenges ahead of us, including the urgent need to strengthen Europe in a geopolitical context, to increase our resilience and competitiveness and to agree on measures to protect the climate and deal with new technologies.

As the electro and digital industry we are convinced that Europe is capable of more, but we have to let it – and support it with pragmatic solutions.

Our ideas for Europe

For the ZVEI, it is clear that the next EU Commission must be a Commission for competitiveness, global partnerships and European resilience. Strengthening key technologies to achieve the climate targets and further developing the European energy infrastructure must be among the major priorities in the next legislative period. The European Union will only realise its full potential if it supports its citizens and businesses with pragmatic solutions.

We have many ideas for a sustainable Europe that will help to strengthen and advance our continent - our
electrifying ideas for Europe

For more competitiveness

The new Commission must be a Commission for competitiveness, because: The engine for Europe's economic growth and prosperity is a functioning single market. The economic success of the EU depends on this and on lively domestic competition. However, for it to also lead to greater competitiveness compared to other regions of the world and thus develop its full potential, harmonisation towards consistent and coherent regulation and thus the abolition of national exemptions is crucial. However, this must be done with great caution and within the bounds of what is feasible. At present, the EU's efforts at harmonisation are increasingly having the opposite effect: the many regulations and often also their implementation are overburdening companies - regardless of whether they are large corporations or SMEs - as well as member states and can hardly be implemented by them within the specified time frames. As a result, economic activities in the EU are at a disadvantage in international competition - this almost always hits European companies the hardest, which the single market is supposed to strengthen. For this reason, the "New Approach" established by the EU Commission many years ago, which is intended to promote the technical harmonisation of national legal regulations for product groups in the EU internal market, must once again be given greater priority: more framework regulations and fewer detailed regulations are needed.

ZVEI's position paper on the European elections

 Download ZVEI's electrifying ideas for Europe (German)


The German electro and digital industry is diverse and buzzing with innovative ideas. It is the second largest industrial sector in Germany, globally operating, globally networked and employs over 910,000 people - just in Germany. We asked them what their #electrifyingideasforeurope are and what they want for the future of Europe:

You can find more videos in the ZVEI media library electrifying ideas for Europe and on our YouTube channel.

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