Further development of the Renewable Energies Act

Renewable energies have in the meantime been developed to the point where, in the next step, they must be integrated into a future energy market. In the opinion of the ZVEI, this requires a fundamental reform of the Renewable Energies Act.

The ZVEI proposes the reform of the Renewable Energies Act and the integration of renewable energies into the future energy market. © Stauke - Fotolia

The current Renewable Energies Act has no influence on the qualitative composition of renewable energies, their time of generation, their geographical distribution or their interaction with conventional energies or expansion of the grid.

This therefore requires a fundamental reform of the Renewable Energies Act, which should be aimed at establishing long-term, reliable general conditions for investment, and market and system integration.


The ZVEI proposes

  • Strengthening of the system and market integration,
  • Transfer of the previous allocation financing to a charging system based on the quantitative and qualitative demand,
  • Synchronisation with the grid and storage expansion,
  • Embedding of an “overall electricity market design”.

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