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Product / Process Change Notification Method in Automotive Electronics

Additional information Download ZVEI Guideline for Customer Notifications / PCN (Rev. 3.0) DeQuMa Tutorial PCN Delta-Qualification-Matrix Rev. 3.1 (Excel) PCN-FORM Rev 3.0.0 (Excel) Changes…


Robustness Validation – General

Robustness Validation is a modern qualification approach for Electronic Devices, Modules and Systems. The new 'test to fail' qualification approach (instead of a 'test-to-pass'), is a paradigm…

How and where can I recharge my car?

The charging infrastructure is a top priority To make this vision a reality, the frist step is to create a functional and user-friendly charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This…

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Electro-mobility and the energy transition

The ZVEI proposes Ensuring planning reliability through consistent state subsidisation.Ensuring planning reliability through consistent state subsidisation.Reintroduction of degressive tax…

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Electro-mobility – An historic look into the future

It was Werner Siemens who in 1866 laid the foundation for the electric drive with the discovery of the electrodynamic principle. Electric power was now available everywhere at high current, the…

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Contactless to the socket - inductive charging of electric cars

Electric vehicles and charging technology are an inseparable system In the Federal Republic of Germany too, it is the declared aim of the Government to establish Germany as a lead market for…

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Tax benefits for electric vehicles are the better choice

Regenerative electricity for electric cars In order to make the electric cars really attractive for environmentally-conscious customers, the electricity must come from renewable sources. For this…

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Electro-mobility is a symbol of the system change

Research and development require well-trained engineers The technologies of the Electrical Industry play a crucial role in this respect. For the electrical sector as one of the most successful…

Robustness Validation - Implementation

To implement Robustness Validation ZVEI offers various helpful documentation and supports Seminars and Training of VDA, ECPE and TA Esslingen. Robustness Validation  Manual – How to use the…

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