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Robustness Validation Manual - How to use the Handbook in product engineering

​Early integration of the Robustness Validation [RV] approach in the development phase is a key factor for successful qualification. This Manual supports the application of RV as described in the pub


Handbook Robustness Validation – System Level

With this 3rd publication the focus is drawn to the validation of robustness of a group of two or more interacting Electronic Control Units respectively Electrical/Electronic Modules. This brochure


Voltage Classes for Electric Mobility

Electric mobility is a dynamic field of development. New technologies stand alongside traditionally reliable approaches to electrical engineering and electronics and the systems which connect them to


Progress Report: Application Group Automotive 2013/2014

The progress report 2013/14 of the Application Group (APG) Automotive in the ZVEI provides a comprehensive overview of the main automotive-specific activities of the Electronic Components and Systems


Handbook for Robustness Validation of Automotive Electrical/Electronic Modules (2nd edition)

Robustness validation of stand-alone Electronic Control Units. More than 140 pages documented the practical application, methods of extrinsic reliability detection and prevention of failures. It pro


How to Measure Lifetime for Robustness Validation – Step by Step

A key point of Robustness Validation is the statistical interpretation of failures generated in accelerated Stress Tests. This brochure gives a clear and easy understandable introduction to the usag

How and where can I recharge my car?

The charging infrastructure is a top priority To make this vision a reality, the frist step is to create a functional and user-friendly charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This investment

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Electro-mobility and the energy transition

The ZVEI proposes Ensuring planning reliability through consistent state subsidisation.Ensuring planning reliability through consistent state subsidisation.Reintroduction of degressive tax depreciat

News, Mobility, All Electric Society

Electro-mobility – An historic look into the future

It was Werner Siemens who in 1866 laid the foundation for the electric drive with the discovery of the electrodynamic principle. Electric power was now available everywhere at high current, the first

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