The subject of the health industry at the ZVEI

Germany is getting older, the significance of chronic diseases is increasing, and the requirements on health care are also changing. The ZVEI is developing solutions for the health industry of tomorrow.

Within a few decades, a third of the German population will be 65 and more years of age. This also increases the significance of chronic diseases. These require efficient healthcare management in all walks of life. Besides the hospital and the doctor’s surgery, the home will become the third workplace of the health industry.system of tomorrow.

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Medical technology can save lives

The fight against the further spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and the lung disease COVID-19 confronts the healthcare system with new challenges. One of the strengths of medical technology is early detection, rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases and monitoring of the treatment process. But even more important are the measures of acute therapy. Medical devices for therapy and support of treatments make a valuable contribution to the recovery of COVID-19 patients, especially in these challenging times.


Germany needs an eHealth strategy

The eHealth strategy does not depend on individual technical components, but on the holistic digitalization of health care.


Reprocessing Medical Devices

The high number of infections in the healthcare system shows the importance of proper hygiene in hospitals and community…